Entry Prices

Entry prices will vary on event nights.

Thursday - Free Entry
No New Entry After 10.30PM

Friday - Free Entry Before 10.00PM
Friday - £3.00 Entry After 10.00PM
No New Entry After 11.30PM

Saturday - Free Entry Before 10.00.
Saturday - £3.00 Entry After 10.00PM
No New Entry After 11.30PM

Metropolis Policies


We operate a strictly 18+ policy and valid photo identification will be required for admission.
Management and security staff retain the right of admission to the venue at any stage.
A search policy may be in effect and should you decline it will be assumed you have something to hide and will be refused entry on that basis.
CCTV is in operation and will be shared with Police.

Dress Code

Admission to Metropolis is subject to a dress code.
Unless otherwise specified for an event, our dress code is “smart casual”.
Think in terms of “no effort = no entry” and you will not go far wrong.
Exceptions are made for genuine themes/fancy dress.


We are unable to admit persons who are intoxicated or getting close to that point.
Security and Management will refuse entry if we believe you are too intoxicated.
Please be aware that although it is not an exact science, if our bar or security staff feel that you have had enough to drink then you will be refused service and asked to leave the premises. This is for your own safety as well as to comply with the law.


The management operate a policy of zero tolerance to drugs. Persons found in possession, or suspected to be under the influence of a controlled substance will be reported to the police and receive a ban from Metropolis.


Aggressive or violent behaviour and abusive language will not be tolerated anywhere, either to staff or other customers.
Behaviour described above will result in being asked to leave the premises.
Violent behaviour will be reported to the Police.

LGBT Nights

Everyone is welcome every night no matter of orientation, although these nights may have a bit more "glitter" than others, you do not have to be LGBT to attend these nights, just openminded.