You can book a V.I.P area which ill be cordoned off.

Minimum persons to book is 15 people.

Maximum persons in one area 50.

An area is reserved by paying a deposit between £100-£200 depending on size of area and amount of peoople. The deposit will be returned to you on a VIP card you can use that night or another night as long as an agreed amount of guests have arrived by 9.30PM. The deposit must be paid 48 hours in advanced.

Subject to availiblity.

Call 02081277380 to book

V.I.P Card

VIP Card

A top up card that gives you 10% off when you top up!

You will continue to get 10% your drinks for aslong as you have credit on your card!

Top up to save yourself money and if you haven't spent your credit then come and see us when you need a night out as your credit doesn't expire until 12 months after your last top up!

The card also will give you a free entry and free house shot coupon for your next visit every time you top up!

Cards will be retained when credit hits zero unless topped up.
Minimum top up £30.
Excess credit on cards can not be exchanged for cash.
Top ups must be made with cash.